Toxins from Tap Water That Could Kill You

You have probably heard that one should drink sufficient water because your entire body, brain, heart and lungs need water for proper functioning. But day by day, it is becoming the biggest challenge to drink adequate pure water. Wondering how? The reason is the alarming level of increase in water impurity levels. The level of impurities in water is soaring high and posing a heavy risk to the lives.

People who are just resorting to tap water are especially in great danger. People usually think it is clean water and doesn’t contain any toxin to harm. But, this is a completely wrong perception. Tap water is so polluted today that it can even cause cancer. This is why it is important to get the best RO water purifier India so that you can get purified drinking water always.

Tap water comes to homesafter municipal water treatment and people have this misconception that they are drinking pure water. However, these treatments actually increase toxinsin water and it has other dangerous elements too. Here is the list of toxins in tap water that could kill you:


Although fluoride was earlier considered as a boon for dental problems, current research has depicted its other side and bane effects, which can cause lots of harm to the body.

This chemical can easily harm tooth enamel, transcend immune system, raise the chances of fracture, and thyroid function. Moreover, the pineal gland functionality gets disrupted and also cancer risks get raised.

Heavy Metals like Aluminum & Lead

Tap water contains heavy metals in huge quantity, which makes a permanent position in water via corrosion of pipes. The chances of presence of heavy metals get inevitably highin the plumbing system.

Lead is harmful for the growth of children. Its ill effects can cause learning disorders and unnecessary delays in development and growth of children. On the other hand, aluminum and all other heavy metals in water are directly linked to brain, kidney and nerve damage.


Arsenic is a highly carcinogenic element that is completely tasteless and odorless. Water gets arsenic, a semi-metal element from coal burning, runoff water from industrial and agricultural practices, mining etc.

It is so menacing that its high dosage can lead to organ failure and even cause death of a person. It is arsenic poisoning, which slowly unfurls in the whole body and ruins it from its very roots.


Although chlorine is used as a disinfectant by water treatment facilities as it kills microorganisms, its impact on the human body is totally adverse. It can cause breast cancer, bladder cancer, premature skin aging, birth defects, asthma and many more.

There is just one solution, which can save you from this harm and that is RO water purifiers. These purifiers can protect you completely from any danger that toxins can cause. It can save you from the ill effects of tap water like fatigue, lung diseases, organ failure, skin issues, brain damage, adverse effects on the kidney, various types of cancers and many other diseases, which can otherwise encircle a person and may cause sudden death too.

It’s time to choose Kent RO purifier, the best RO water purifier India. Its guaranteed services can make you free from deadly diseases, which may encase you otherwise. It has world level certifications, which inevitably assures you of the best services. If you are looking for the best RO water purifier India, Kent should be your brand of choice.

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