Planet Fitness: The Best Gym for Beginners | Membership, Amenities, and More

A gym dedicated to fostering an environment where fitness can take place without bias is called Planet Fitness. Regardless of fitness level or physical characteristics, they contend that everyone should be able to work out in comfort. A day pass and a summer pass are only two of the membership choices that Planet Fitness provides. Along with personal instruction, they provide group exercise courses.

Planet Fitness

The 1992 founding year of the gym chain Planet Fitness. In the US, Canada, and the UK, they operate more than 2,000 sites. Cheap membership fees and a dedication to fostering an environment free of discrimination are two things that make Planet Fitness stand out.

The gym has grown to become a go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike. Their mission is to offer a comfortable and non-intimidating space where anyone can pursue their fitness goals without judgment.

Benefits of Joining Planet Fitness

The advantages of joining Planet Fitness are numerous. The following are a few advantages:

  1. Low Costs: One of the most reasonably priced gyms available is Planet Fitness.
  2. Judgment-free zone: Planet Fitness is committed to creating a judgment-free zone for fitness. This means that everyone is welcome, regardless of their fitness level or body type.
  3. Equipment Variety: Planet Fitness includes a selection of cardio and weightlifting machines.
  4. Group Exercise Classes: Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba are just a few of the group exercise classes that Planet Fitness provides.
  5. Personal Training: Planet Fitness offers personal training services.

Planet Fitness Near Me

There is probably a Planet Fitness nearby thanks to their extensive network of fitness center’s. You can use the Planet Fitness mobile app or their website to discover the closest location. You may quickly get details about the gyms nearby by typing in your city or ZIP code.

Options for Different Memberships

Numerous membership options are available from Planet Fitness, including:

  1. The Standard Membership choice is called a “Classic Membership.” You get 24/7 access to your own club.
  2. PF Black Card® Membership: A more expensive membership option is the PF Black Card® Membership. All the advantages of the Classic Membership are included, along with access to all Planet Fitness facilities, the right to invite a guest for no additional charge, and savings on personal training.
  3. Day Pass: The Day Pass entitles you to one day of access to Planet Fitness.
  4. Summer Pass: During the summer, you can attend Planet Fitness for a reduced rate thanks to this temporary membership option.

Planet Fitness Hours

Planet Fitness gyms usually open early in the morning, catering to early birds and fitness enthusiasts who prefer to start their day with a workout. While hours may differ slightly depending on the location, most gyms open their doors around 5:00 AM on weekdays. Be sure to confirm the hours of operation for your preferred branch.

What Time Does Planet Fitness Close?

The Planet Fitness locations all have different hours of operation. By checking the Planet Fitness website or contacting the facility directly, you may learn the business hours for your neighbourhood Planet Fitness.

What Is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, there is a group exercise class called Total Body Enhancement. You can increase your general fitness and burn calories while taking the class.

Total Body Enhancement is a unique feature available at many Planet Fitness locations. It is a booth that combines red light therapy with whole-body vibration to help members improve their skin’s texture and promote muscle relaxation. Though individual experiences may vary, some users have reported positive effects on their skin and muscles after regular sessions.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to Planet Fitness?

At Planet Fitness, the minimum age requirement for regular membership is typically 18 years old. However, individuals between the ages of 13 and 17 can still join with parental consent and under specific terms and conditions. These younger members may have limited access and must follow the gym’s guidelines.


Planet Fitness Summer Pass

You may attend Planet Fitness for a reduced cost throughout the summer months with the Summer Pass, a temporary membership option.

During the summer months, Planet Fitness sometimes offers special promotions and discounted summer passes. These passes allow individuals to enjoy all the benefits of regular membership for a reduced fee during the summer season. Keep an eye out for these offers on their website or at your local gym.

Planet Fitness Day Pass

You can use Planet Fitness for a single day if you purchase a Day Pass. For those who want to try out Planet Fitness without committing to full membership, day passes are available. Day passes typically grant access to the gym and its amenities for a single day, allowing potential members to experience the facilities before making a decision.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Online or over the phone, you can cancel your Planet Fitness subscription.
If you ever need to cancel your Planet Fitness membership, the process is relatively straightforward.

Members can either visit the gym in person and fill out a cancellation form or send a certified letter to their home gym. Be sure to review the terms of your membership agreement to understand any specific cancellation policies that may apply.


Planet Fitness Membership Cost

Your choice of membership option will affect the price of your Planet Fitness subscription. A monthly fee of $10 applies to the Classic Membership and $22.99 to the PF Black Card® Membership.

Planet Fitness is known for its affordable membership options. The monthly cost of basic membership is usually around $10 to $25, depending on the location and specific membership plan. Additionally, there may be an annual fee to maintain the membership. Upgrading to premium plans may offer additional benefits like guest privileges and access to massage chairs.


If you’re looking for a cheap, judgment-free gym, Planet Fitness is a terrific choice. A day pass and a summer pass are among the membership choices they provide. Personal training and group exercise classes are also available. Planet Fitness is a terrific choice if you’re looking for a gym where you can exercise in peace.

Section FAQ

Q1: What is the difference between the Classic Membership and the PF Black Card® Membership?
The Classic Membership is the standard membership option. It allows you to access your home club 24/7. The PF Black Card® Membership is a premium membership option. It includes all of the benefits of the Classic Membership, plus access to any Planet Fitness location, the ability to bring a guest for free, and discounts on personal training.

Q2: How do I cancel my Planet Fitness Membership?
You can cancel your Planet Fitness membership online or by calling customer service.

Q3: What is the cost of a Planet Fitness Membership?
The cost of a Planet Fitness membership varies depending on the membership option you choose. The Classic Membership costs $10 per month, and the PF Black Card® Membership costs $22.99 per month.

Q4: What are the amenities offered at Planet Fitness?
Planet Fitness offers a variety of amenities, including:
1. Cardio equipment
2. Strength-training equipment
3. Group fitness classes
4. Personal training
5. HydroMassage beds
6. Locker Rooms
7. Saunas

Q5: What are the benefits of working out at Planet Fitness?
There are many benefits to working out at Planet Fitness. Some of the benefits include:
1. Improved physical health
2. Reduced stress levels
3. Increased energy levels
4. Improved self-confidence
5. Made new friends

Q6: Is Planet Fitness a good gym for beginners?
Yes, Planet Fitness is a good gym for beginners. They offer a variety of equipment and classes that are designed for all fitness levels. They also have a staff of friendly and knowledgeable trainers who can help you get started.

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